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Incheon Children Science Museum that awakens sensibility over science


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Precautions for those making reservation

  • Incheon Children Science Museum is the first Science Center dedicated to children in Korea, and is being operated under the system of reservation for prescribed availability for each of the sessions in order to ensure that children can view the exhibits safety and pleasantly.
  • Entry into the Center is possible only through reservation in advance for both individuals and groups, and ticket on site is not possible.
  • Reservation in advance can be made from 1 month prior to the desired date of visit to immediately prior to the commencement of each session on the day of visit.
  • You can settle the account at the information desk on the day of visit. Please bring confirmation of reservation or reservation confirmation message with you on the day of visit.
  • It takes 90 minutes for viewing for each session, and re-entry is prohibited in order to operate sessions harmoniously.
  • Rainbow Village is play venue for young children and entry of school children is prohibited. Moreover, only children in the recommended age range (4~8 years of age) are allowed for entry into labyrinth of human body Village (grumbling in stomach and growling in intestine) in the Human Body Village given the characteristics of the air structures.
  • Free entrance and discount of entrance fees are granted only to those who presents identification required (resident registration card, medical insurance card, copy of resident registration and certificate of business registration for institutions, etc).
  • The Center is closed on every Monday and January 1 every year, and if the Monday is holiday, the Center will be closed on the following day.
  • We seek your understanding in our policy on prohibition of bringing in of food given the characteristics of experience-type exhibits.

Entrance fees

Entrance fees
Categories Permanent exhibition hall 4-D
(Age of the child)
individual Group
(more than 20)
Child 2,000 Won 1,500 Won 1,000 Won

7 ~ 12 years of age

Adolescent and
military personnel
2,000 Won 1,500 Won 1,000 Won

13 ~ 19 years of age
(including riot police, conscripted police and security guards)

Adult 4,000 Won 3,000 Won 3,000 Won

20 ~ 64 years of age

  • Discount of 50% will be applied for residents of Incheon only on entrance to permanent exhibition hall
  • 50% discounted entrance fee will be applied for residents of Incheon at the time of group visit (overlapping discount with group discount is not possible)
  • No entrance fee for children under the age of 6 if identification required is presented at the time of entry.
  • Free entrance for 1 leader for each of the group of more than 20 (fees are charged for the leader in the event of free group visit
  • Separate entrance fee will be charge for 4-D Multiplex (children under the age of 7 are not allowed to enter, discount for residents of Incheon and groups do not apply)

Selection of viewing session

Selection of viewing session
Entry times Capacity
1st session 09:00 500 persons
2nd session 10:30 500 persons
3rd session 12:00 500 persons
4th session 13:30 500 persons
5th session 15:00 500 persons
6th session 16:30 500 persons

Exhibition Hall for each of the Recommended Age Group

Exhibition Hall for each of the Recommended Age Group
Age group Recommended exhibition hall for visit

Young child

Rainbow Village, Human Body Village, Secret Village(2F)

Lower grade elementary school student

Human Body Village, Secret Village(2F) 4-D Multiplex

Lower grade elementary school student

Earth Village, Urban Village, Secret Village(3F) 4-D Multiplex

Guidance on etiquette during viewing

  • Total number of visitors to the Center for each session is limited in order to offer pleasant environment for the visitors and participation in the session more than once on the same day is not allowed.
  • Children under the age of 6 will be allowed to enter when accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • Bringing in of food is prohibited in order to prevent erroneous operation of the experience exhibits due to food items and to provide pleasant environment to the visitors.
  • If you visited the Center with food, place leave them in the locker on the 1st floor and eat on the outdoor bench after the viewing.
  • As it is a child protected facility, smoking is strictly prohibited not only in but also outside the Science Center.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring objects with foul odor or imparts aversive feelings to others, or substances with danger of fire into the Center.
  • Pets are not allowed.

Precautions for groups

  • In the case of group visit, 1 leader who is a teacher for each group of 20 should accompany the group in principle.
    We hope that the teacher leading the group will ensure that the children will have safe and joyous experiences within the exhibition halls.
Individual reservations(Korean)    Group reservations(Korean)