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Incheon Children Science Museum that awakens sensibility over science

Secret Village

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  • Rainbow Village
  • Human Body Village
  • Earth Village
  • Urban Village
  • Secret Village
What is the ‘key to the secrets’ hidden in science? 2F / 3F Secret Village
It is an exhibition venue that aligned the exhibits to the level of understanding of children for each of the age level. It is
aimed at broadening the understanding
and cognitive power of children by
connecting language with
social areas, which form the
background of science.
It has been composed to
enable children to easily and
interestingly learn the principles
of basic science in geometrically
designed space.
Secret Village
Children with dreams
1. Children with dreams
  • Construction site
  • Kid’s restaurant
  • Opera house
  • Maintenance center for cars
  • Site of fire in Secret Village
Shall we become an architect and build a house as well as a chef? When you play diverse range of musical instrument, you feel like you are a member of an orchestra. Become a 119 firefighter and fight fire at the site of fire. It is an exciting experience venue where you can even personally maintain your car at the maintenance center.
Children of global village
2. Children of global village
  • Language of global village
  • children of the world
Children with traditional custom of various counties of the global village are greeting on the street in English, Chinese and French. It displays the images of diverse range of lifestyles of people of global village, and graphically explains the characteristics of white, yellow and black race.
Children’s broadcasting station
3. Children’s broadcasting station
  • I am a camera man
  • travel through the global village
  • the unknown world
You would like to be in TV? Well, then personally experience TV broadcasting. Take films of friends traveling through the global village by becoming a camera man at the studio of broadcasting station. Your images will be displayed as though you are personally in unknown world including space and under the sea.
Logic in all things of the world, Physics
4. Logic in all things of the world, Physics
  • Light to see the world
  • Electricity that moves the world
  • Sound to hear the world
"Physics, it is easy and fun when you get to know it!"
You can perform intriguing experiment of floating hair and find out the duality of light and principle of conservation of energy through games. See the waveform of your voice, and change it into different voice by altering the frequency and amplitude.
Secrets of numbers and figures
5. Secrets of numbers and figures
  • Secrets of figures
  • Secrets of numbers
Age and height expressed in binary number, experience estimation statistics and become Mozart. Math becomes interesting and fun when you enjoy multiples on media table as though you are playing games. Solve the mysteries of figures by enjoying architectural technology of wooden structures of ancient era, puzzles with figures and riding on exciting rectangular bicycle.

Helpful knowledge!

  • Recommended age range : 2F 7~9 years of age (lower grades elementary school students)
    3F 10~12 years of age (higher grades elementary school students)
  • Incheon Children Science Museum is composed of scientific experience exhibits that
    consider the development of child at different stages. More effective viewing is possible
    if you use each of the village by checking the recommended age range.
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