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Incheon Children Science Museum that awakens sensibility over science

Urban Village

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  • Human Body Village
  • Earth Village
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Visiting the advanced future urban city as seen in the movies in advance! 3F Urban Village
Advanced life only seen in SF movies that depicts the future or
in imaginative scientific comics is realized.
Learn about the principles of science that
make our lives so much more
convenient and quicker.
It is a 4-dimensional future
Urban Village that broadens
our imagination on how our daily
lifestyle will change in the future.
Urban Village
Moving every day science
1. Moving every day science
  • Airplane and airport
  • Automobile and science
You will feel like a pilot through simulation of manipulating taking off and landing of airplane in person. There also are exhibits in which you can personally drive car in the driver’s seat. Moreover, you can experience the force and speed of the rolling of wheels by manipulating various sized gear.
Realization of imagination, future science
2. Realization of imagination, future science
  • Space exploration
  • Undersea exploration
Experience outer space life by watching exercise equipment, washroom and bedroom by entering the international outer space station. Personally manipulate exploration robot in accordance with the topography of Mars. You can also try exciting game of searching for deep sea organisms and minerals with undersea exploration robot in the depth of ocean with friends.
Ubiquitous urban science
3. Ubiquitous urban science
  • U-City
  • U-Street
  • U-School
  • Advanced city
Computer does all the household chores just like in the movies! You can watch the situations of in the exhibition hall in real time at the control center. Practice crossing digital pedestrian crossing according to the traffic sign, and, for safety, under the monitoring by parent/guardian.
Science Lab.
4. Science Lab.
  • Science Lab.
  • Science gallery
You can enjoy diverse experiments associated with exhibits in the science experimental lab.
Live Science
5. Live Science
  • Live Science
Venue that presents diverse range of shows and special events. It is also used as lounge when there is no event to be held.

Helpful knowledge!

  • Recommended age range : 10~12 years of age (higher grades elementary school students)
  • Incheon Children Science Museum is composed of scientific experience exhibits that
    consider the development of child at different stages. More effective viewing is possible
    if you use each of the village by checking the recommended age range.
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