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Incheon Children Science Museum that awakens sensibility over science

Rainbow Village

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  • Visitor's Guide
  • Rainbow Village
  • Human Body Village
  • Earth Village
  • Urban Village
  • Secret Village
To the mysterious world of nature and marvelous world of experience! 2F Rainbow Village
It is a 3-dimensional play ground in which the visitors can personally touch various substances in the natural environment
including water, ice, sand and trees, etc.
It will induce curiosity on the principles
of science hidden in nature, and
assists with development of
spatially sensitive intelligence.
무지개마을 이미지
Falling of water drops
1. Falling of water drops
  • Exciting waterway
  • Joyous bubble king
Enjoy yourself while making splashes of water drops in the water springs in forest.
Wow~ I can actually get inside an enormously big soap bubble. I can see glittering rainbow colors on the bubbles.
Rolling around in holes in trees
2. Rolling around in holes in trees
  • Forest village
  • escape from the hole
  • rainbow orchestra
Play with varicolored trees in the bosom of huge trees! Read exciting and interesting children’s books and play on slides in the tree.
Pass by winding rabbit tunnel and beat large and small drums, boom~ boom~
Gently walk through the clouds
3. Gently walk through the clouds
  • Walking through thickly rolled up clouds
  • soft and springy air balls
If you encounter shower cloud while playing on soft and springy clouds, you will hear the sound of thunder and see lightening.
Hearing the cries of sheep upon encountering cumulocirrus clouds and sound of poop poop upon encountering thickly rolled up clouds, it seems I am really on the clouds.
Sand games
4. Sand games
  • My own sand castle
  • sand artist
  • oasis in desert
Let’s make wonderful sand castle with long tunnel through! Become an architect and connect sand castle villages.
Drawing pictures on the sand table with fingers will display the same pictures on the screen.
Exploration of glacier
5. Exploration of glacier
  • Cozy polar bear
  • ice block
  • frozen world
  • Eskimos and igloos
Polar bear does not seem cold at all… Can people really live in igloos? Let’s try to make igloo and see if it is colder than the winters of Korea.
As you watch beautiful aurora of the frozen world, sea lion greets you over the icebergs.

Helpful knowledge!

  • Recommended age range : 3~5 years of age
  • Children in the recommended age range (3~5 years of age) are allowed to enter the
    Rainbow Village in order to ensure safe visit by young children.
  • Incheon Children Science Museum is composed of scientific experience exhibits that
    consider the development of child at different stages. More effective viewing is possible
    if you use each of the village by checking the recommended age range.
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